How do I port my number?

We’ll mostly handle everything for you when you want to move your number to us. The steps below show exactly how the process works and what to expect.

Frequently asked questions about porting phone numbers

What can I do before my number is moved over?

Once your porting request has been accepted, we can add your old number to your account so you can configure how it should be routed and start making outbound calls using it as the caller ID. We can also provide you with a temporary phone number that you can use to test your set up before you main number is moved over.

What happens if it goes wrong?

We very rarely see any issues with migrating phone numbers once they have been accepted by your current provider. If, however, something does go wrong, we will working with your existing provider to make sure the process is completed successfully.

Do I still need to pay my current provider after the number has ported?

This will depend on the contract that you have with your existing provider. It’s best, however, to keep your services with them until your number has been fully ported to us.

What are the most common reasons for a port to be rejected by an existing provider?

The most common reason we see is that the address you provide us does not match the address that your existing provider has on your account. Always make sure your information is up to date with your existing provider before beginning a port. Another possible reason is that a number has been ported previously from another provider and this wasn’t known when we submitted the request. It’s important you tell us if you have previously ported a number from another provider so we can make sure the request goes to the right places.

If my number can't be ported, is there anything else I can do?

There are rare occasions when we can’t port a number from your existing provider. In these cases, we can provide a new phone number and you can ask your existing provider to forward your calls to this number. If you can provider us with proof of ownership of a number, we can also allow you to make outbound calls using your existing number without needing to completely migrate it to us.

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