2017 – The XZ Group Born!

In 2017 we launched The XZ Group LTD to provide the best possible IT Services

2018 – XZIT Launched

In 2018 we launched XZIT to provide a face to our managed IT Division.

2019 -Srvwire was born

In 2019 we decided to bring everything under 1 umbrella and therefore Srvwire was born.

Our directors have a combined experience of over 13 years in different IT fields so bringing them all into one has been one of the best commercial moves we have done!

2019 – 2020 Memberships / Accreditations

We have worked hard to establish some well known memberships / accreditations including Nominet, Cyber Essentials and Snom Registered Partner.

This helps us to learn and be trained on the products / services we offer and also show our clients that we are reliable and can be trusted with their IT Infrastructure.