The Basics....

Our Videofied can be installed anywhere there is a cell signal–no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services. Since most of the sites we cover are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms and deliver priority response when there is an actual crime. Videofied’s portability means it can be moved around as the project evolves!

No Power needed? ....

Thats right!, Our systems do not need any mains power and all devices run off Batteries which are monitored 24/7 and our engineers are dispatched to site if and when the batteries need changing. We aim to resolve all alerts within 24 hours!

How quick from order? ....

We have a fleet of systems ready to be dispatched. We aim to get installed within 3-4 business days. However if your install is urgent please let out team know and we can see what we can do.


If you have a project you would like protecting then please click below to fill in our short survey. This will be sent directly to our Security Team and enable us to offer the best solution.


What is your minimum term?

All our contracts are a minimum of 3 Months. But please do speak to our team and let them know the your reqirements.

Do you provide security response?

We do not offer our own Security however we do work with selected local firms. If we do not currently have a contract in place in the area you are operating then we will look to source this for you.

What happens if my Alarm activates?

Our control room will contact the key holders in order.