We are currently investing in a whole new brand style which has started with our new logo!. We are now working on a new website and also our new client portal is almost ready for beta release!


We are taking this time to bring over our ISP division Outwaved to create Srvwire a one stop solution for business hosting , broadband and telephony platform.


Hello Wales!

We will be launching our wales office in the next few weeks as we have a small team already based in wales but they have been serving our current client base but this is about to change and we are going to be launching our services in wales.


There is alow more being worked on in the back ground and we cant wait to show you!

New Logo!

We have restyled the logo

Nominet Member

We are a Nominet Member!

Channel Partner

We follow the strict rules!

Cyber Essentials

We have yearly audits to keep this!

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